New Printex User Forum!

All Printex product, graphics, printing, shipping questions should be asked here. This will replace the Skype groups. Printex questions should no longer be posted to the Facebook private group and should be posted here instead. 

The Facebook private group should be used for helping each other grow your e-commerce business.Exchange marketing tips or other ideas in a constructive, helpful environment.

If you only see the Announcements, please log in to see the other topics.

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ok peeps, tell me what you want, what you really really want ziggy zig ah. 

What is the current price of the mother/daughter 2 glass wine set? Is it $9 x 2 or is there a special for the set? Also, what is the shipping for the 2 glass set? Not seeing this on the price sheet.

Amber, great jon in setting this forum up. Will the Skype chat groups be shut down eventually?

Could we have a dynamic Printex price list that would stay at the top of this forum and always be accurate?   Also, a date on the list showing when it was updated would be nice. 

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Would you please add the dimensions of the Stockings to your product descriptions?

Great idea. It would also be very helpful if everything was on it and clear to read. Would save a lot of time for all involved and would eliminate a lot of the questions too.

Please post suggestions to the Suggestion Box and Questions to the Questions. Announcements is meant only for Printex staff to post announcements. This thread is now locked. Please move your questions. Thanks! Sorry for the confusion in my wording.