Moving Back to The Facebook Group

As many of you know my goal has been to centralize our community in one place so that we all can benefit from the wisdom of the mentors and each other. We are discontinuing the Forum at this time and centralizing all discussions here. The knowledge base will remain open - please do NOT use the Facebook group to ask support questions, please send those to - 


Let’s continue to make this amazing community better every day. Post your wins and aha moments to the Facebook group. Help out others where you can. And Keep on being amazing so we can all crush it!  We have created HASTAGS so that we can all find past questions more easily and keep this as organized as possible - when you have a question - see the categories above and start your post with that hashtag - if your Q does not fit in one of those create a HASHTAG that would contain the KW others with the same Question might search for 

Example: #FACEBOOK: Have people noticed an increase in engagement with video view ads over still images? 

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