1. Setup a Stripe Account

2. Get Your Stripe Keys

3. Setup a PayPal Account

Link to PayPal's help:


4. Configure Paypal IPN Settings


5. Paypal Auto Return


6. Getting Your Lockerstock API Key


7. Paypal Test Purchase


8. Making A Test Purchase With Stripe


Making Sure PrintTech Doesn't Process Your Order

NOTE: BEFORE sending a TEST order through to PrintTech make sure in your Product the Style says TEST.

If you accidentally send a TEST order to PrintTech without Style = TEST, immediately send an email to CustomerService@printexinc.com telling them you just put through a test order, give them the order number(s) and ask them not to process the order.

Making Sure Stripe Doesn't Get Charged

If you want to only use Stripe payment processing in  Test mode, make sure it's switched to "Test Stripe" in your T-REX > Business Settings.

Basic Steps for Test Purchase 

(After you setup your Stripe account, input your Stripe Keys in Business Settings and have gone through training to understand adding products and campaign settings)

1. Duplicate a product

(NOTE: It's recommended NOT to name it "Text xyz" because that name will pop up on your notifier when customers visit your website.)

2. Click the pencil icon next to the duplicate item to edit the duplicate product.

3. Remove "Dup_" from the beginning and add something to the title that you will recognize as being a test product. For example add "...." to the end of the name.

4. Add "(TEST)" to the Product Description so you will see this on your website.

4. Change the Style from "Ladies V-Neck" or "Hoodie" or whatever to "TEST"

5. Scroll to the bottom and Save

You now have one test product.

Add the test product to a Campaign that is already on your store

1. From T-REX > Campaigns, find the campaign you'd like to add your test product to and click the campaign name

2. In the "Add Products" section, find your product in the "Select Products" drop down. Select your test item and click the "+" sign to add it to your Campaign

3. In the "Cart Settings" section of your Campaign, set the "Default payment option" to "Stripe"

4. Click the "Update" button to save your changes

View the Test Item on Your Website

1. Go to your website and navigate to where some items are that are in the campaign you just edited. In this example, go to Categories > Family

Click on any product (tee, long-sleeved tee, hoodie, etc.) that is part of your campaign (ie. Dad Est campaign)

2. Your item will be the last one in your campaign (unless you re-ordered it in your campaign before saving)

Select the last small image. Notice that the "(TEST)" that you added to the description appears. This is how you know you have the right product.

3. Go through the normal purchase process from here, ie. select a size, Add to Cart, complete contact and payment information and Complete Order

Test Credit Card Info

When completing a test purchase, you can try using credit card number 4242424242424242   with CVV  123

Make sure the Checkout page works

Make sure the Thank You page works

If you setup your Thank You page redirect, make sure it works, ie. redirecting to your Home page or whichever URL you put in

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