1. Sign into the admin of your URL
    • Username: designadmin
    • Password: Trex2017()*

  1. Go to the T-Rex Engine and select Products

  2. Copy a product that you want, or search for a product
    (shirt, mug, night light etc.) in search field

  3. Edit the Duplicate product

  4. Re-name the product and select whether you want to personalize it

  5. Enter your order type(Daily Order),

    Supplier will be PrintTech,

    Enter your shipping price or select zero if you want it to be free shipping.

    Ensure you select the right style and color if you are copying a product. This is what PrintTech needs in order to fulfill the order correctly.

  6. Select the Product Image

    Product Image size: Mugs should be 350 x 400 dpi =300

    Product Image size: T-shirts should be 290 x 331 dpi= 72

    PrintTech Image needs to be  (2800 x 3200 with 200-300 dpi)

  7. If you want to personalize the product, type in the name field and select the Refresh button.

  8. Click on Refresh Preview and move the graphic to the center of the product.