After a customer completes a purchase, they should land on a Thank You page. 

You can have more than one Thank You pages setup. One can be used as your default thank you page. Optionally, other thank you pages could be customized for various funnels or campaigns.

To manage your thank you pages:

  1. You must be logged onto your store admin
  2. Click T-REX from the left menu
  3. Select Thanks from the slide-out panel

  4. Select Thanks

  5. Add your logo to the top of the Thanks page
    • Add Media
    • Select your Logo
    • Insert Into Post
    • Resize the image as needed
  6. Optionally, add a link to your logo
    • Click the logo to select it (fake logo used in this example)
    • Click the Link icon
    • Enter your store URL
    • Click the blue arrow Apply icon

  7. Edit any text on the page you would like such as your support email address and website address

  8. Redirect URL, enter your domain URL (or whichever URL you would like the customer returned to after their purchase is complete)

  9. Click Update button

If you have other Thank you pages that you would like to customize, repeat these steps or duplicate this Thank You page and modify as needed.