Design packs from T-REX come in a ZIP file ie. Christmas Apparel ' 

Steps to Import Products Into Your Store

Part 1: Getting the files onto your computer

1. Save the .zip file onto your computer (note where you have saved it, ie. Desktop)

2. Locate the .zip file on your computer and double-click it

You should see 3 files (fonts, images, products).

3. Click the Extract All icon

(NOTE: if you don't see the icon, make sure you are on the Extract tab at the top of the window)

4. Take note of where the files will be placed. Use the Browse button if you want to change the location

5. Click the Extract button

6. After the files are extracted, find the new folder

7. Open the folder. Note there are the same 3 files in the folder that you previously previewed in the .zip file. These are the files you will import into your T-REXecom store.

Part 2: Importing he files into your store

You must be logged into your store admin (

1. Click T-REX

2. Click Import Products

This will take you to the Import Products screen

4 A. Select Supplier Email = Printex Auto Personalized -

4. On the Import Screen:

     B. Next to Images Zip click the Choose File button and select the 

     C. Next to Fonts Zip click the Choose File button and select the 

     D. Next to Product CSV click the Choose File button and select the products.xls 

     E. Click the Save button to save your changes

That's it! Check your product listings to see all of your new products.