The home page banners are in a Page titled "Home - Front Page"


1. Click on Pages

2. Click on "Home - Front Page" to open it for editing

The Home Page uses the Divi Page Builder which looks like this:

If you have a Mega Store

3. Your sliders are included in the top module. Click the 3 lines aka "hamburger" to open this module in edit mode.

4. Click the 3 lines aka "hamburger" to open each section to edit.

5. Click the gears icon on the image to bring up your Media Library

6. Select an image or upload files from your computer and click Set As Background button

7. Click the Save button

8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each banner

9. Click the Save & Exit button to save changes to that module

10. Click the Update button to save all changes on the page

If you have a Mini Store

3. Your sliders are configured using Smart Sliders. Click the Smart Slider option from the top navigation

4. Click Edit Slider


(instructions coming soon)