Business Settings


Remember that no matter how much of this may have been done for you, ultimately this is your business so you should  make sure that your store is configured properly.

These settings are found in your store admin (, click on T-REX > Business Settings

1. Add your PayPal email address

2. Add the following Stripe API Keys

  • Stripe Live Publishable Key
  • Stripe Live Secret Key
  • Stripe Test Publishable Key
  • Stripe Test Secret Key

4. Enter your PrintTech Lockerstock API Key

5. Optional: Add the following for Mailchimp:

  • Mailchimp API Key
  • Mailchimp List ID

6. Check your Cart Countries and set them to places you want to sell/ship to

7. Optionally, configure Cart States

Select the states you wish to sell to

8. Set your Notifications email (recommended to set to your email address)

This is the email address you would like to receive notifications from T-REX like notification that you have sold something.

9. Business Name (make sure it's correct)

Generally, this is the name of your website

10. Select Global Default Cart Page (ie. Default Checkout)

11. Select Global Default Thank You Page (ie. Thanks)

This is the page that is displayed immediately after someone completes a purchase on your store.

12. Select Global Default Cart Logo

13. Select Global Default Campaign Logo

14. Default Daily Supplier Email (recommend setting to your email address)

It is recommended to put your email address here so you area notified once daily of all orders placed. This is good to make sure no orders fall through the cracks.

If you are only using PrintTech, then you can put in the PrintTech orders email. If you will use other suppliers, including if you're selling the customized jewelry or plates, it's best to list your email address here.

15. Optionally, add a Daily Email CC To email address

This could be useful if you have a virtual assistant helping out with the store and if you want them to be notified of all sales. Or maybe you want  your business partner to be copied on the daily sales email.

16. Select Currency (double-check this)

17. Confirmation Email Templates (ie. Confirmation Email)

This is what your customer will see after they have made a purchase (ie. "Thanks for your purchase! Your order is being custom created for you right now and we will rush it to you as soon as possible....")

18. Stripe Error Message (ie. Something has gone wrong. Please try again!)

19. Optional if you are running Facebook ads or other marketing

a. Page View Tracking Code

b. Conversion Pixel Tracking Code

c. Cart Tracking Code

20. Favicon (see Change Your FavIcon above)

21. Default Continue Shopping Button Link (leave blank if you'd like to configure this per campaign)

22. Default Shipping Discount (leave un-selected if you aren't offering a store-wide discount)

23. Default Size Dropdown Text (ie. Click Here To Select Size)

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