What is the cutoff date for Christmas delivery for PrintTech products?


Dec. 11, 2017

(NOTE: The original cut-off was Dec. 14, 2017 but has been moved back to Dec. 11th)

Everything over 1 lb ships priority mail no extra charge now. We will be shipping up to Saturday 12/24. No guarantee after 12/11 for US shipping. 12/1 for international shipping.

Add Shipping Cutoff Information using Notification Banner

Let your customers know when the cutoff is.

One method is to use a Notification Banner. Watch the video below.

Add Shipping Cutoff Information to a Campaign

If you are running traffic to specific campaign pages, you may want to add a notice to those campaigns letting customers know when the shipping cutoff date is. To see how to do that, watch this video.

(Campaign Page Layout reference)