T-REX WP Plugin Self-Hosted Requirements

Hosting Minimum Requirements for T-REX Plugin

  • PHP Version should be >= 5.6
  • MySQL version should be at least 5.6.38
  • WordPress version >= 4.9

Additional Configuration Requirements for T-REX Plugin

  • Under PHP configuration, these should be the minimum values and can be set in the php.ini file:
  • Max execution time: 300
  • Upload max filesize: 128M
  • Post max size: 128M


  • SSL Certificate (obtained through your hosting company or other third party)

For Emails to Work

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are emails that are sent in relation to a transaction, such as a purchase (transaction) with purchase confirmation email sent.  

For transactional emails from the main plugin to work, the plugin checks the T-REX DNS server's records. The site domain must be added to the T-REX DNS settings in order for transactional emails to function. 

This means that you must provide to T-REX support, the domain that you are installing the plugin on so we can configure the DNS settings to ensure the transactional emails will work.

Mailer Plugin

The Mailer plugin uses Mandrill or the site's local server to send emails.

Cron Jobs

For cron jobs, the plugin also checks the T-REX DNS settings in order for some cron jobs to work [re-word  &  more info needed]