T-REX WP Self-Hosted Requirements List

This Is Information for a T-REX WP Self Hosted site. 
If Your Store Is Being Hosted By T-REX And Are Looking For Specific Training, Proceed To T-REX Plugin Training-Feature By Feature.

Obtain Website Hosting

Hosting Minimum Requirements for T-REX Plugin

  • PHP Version should be >= 5.6
  • MySQL version should be at least 5.6.38
  • WordPress version >= 4.9

Additional Configuration Requirements for T-REX Plugin

  • Under PHP configuration, these should be the minimum values and can be set in the php.ini file:
  • Max execution time: 300
  • Upload max filesize: 128M
  • Post max size: 128M


  • SSL Certificate (obtained through your hosting company or other third party)

For Emails to Work

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are emails that are sent in relation to a transaction, such as a purchase (transaction) with purchase confirmation email sent.  

For transactional emails from the main plugin to work, the plugin checks the T-REX DNS server's records. The site domain must be added to the T-REX DNS settings in order for transactional emails to function. 

This means that you must provide to T-REX support, the domain that you are installing the plugin on (ie. yourdomain.com) so we can configure the T-REX DNS settings to ensure the transactional emails will work.

Mailer Plugin

The Mailer plugin uses Mandrill or the site's local server to send emails.

* For more information on Mandrill, visit the Mandrill website

Scheduled Tasks

The following tasks will execute daily.

  • trex_track_shipping -- Updates tracking numbers for orders shipped by PrintTech the previous day
  • trex_mailer_add_batch -- Batches emails to be sent from T-REX Mailer plugin
  • trex_mailer_email_send -- Sends Mailer emails from the T-REX Mailer plugin
  • CSV orders -- Sends orders to the product supplier in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) spreadsheet as attachment in an email. The email is sent to the supplier you have designated on the product(s) that was purchased.